The Best Gifts For The Most Stressed-Out Person On Your List

Home helpers, cozy blankets and other cheery items that will put a smile on their face.
The Baby Nessie loose tea infuser, Barefoot Dreams microfiber blanket, DoorDash gift card, Renpho heated eye mask and massager and a mini waving inflatable tube guy.

As much as we wish we could take away our loved ones’ stressors, we often can’t. Still, we can show them our support and care, especially during the holidays. One way to do that is to gift items that help them take the best care of themselves possible — or at least put a smile on their face.

Choosing the right gift for folks who are stressed and overwhelmed may feel tricky. You want to demonstrate love and support without seeming condescending or shaming them for feeling stretched thin, and what one person may appreciate may not be the best pick for someone else.

That’s why we’ve rounded up over 25 different gift ideas for the most stressed-out person on your list, ranging from cozy blankets, cute desktop items, fun yet effective note-taking options, home devices and of course, some popular coffee and tea products. You’re sure to find something that your family member or friend will appreciate — and that’ll pique your interest enough to treat yourself, too.

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A Renpho heated eye mask and massager
The Renpho heated eye massager may be my most prized possession. It is incredibly relaxing — so much so that it often puts me right to sleep. I find it so helpful for my stress and anxiety that I use it almost every night, and I never leave it behind when I travel. It's also the only thing that reliably works to ease my migraines.

It's designed to massage the area around the eyes, temples and brows while heating up to 104 degrees for a treatment that I can only describe as heavenly. Reviewers echo this, too, with one calling it "heaven for your eyeballs." It has five different massage settings, Bluetooth capability and the option to play built-in classical music or no sound at all.
A DoorDash gift card
Stressed folks will appreciate being able to treat themself to some takeout or delivery after a long day, or to order some groceries or drugstore items to their door when they don't have the bandwidth to go out.
A 12-pack of squishy animal toys
Squash stress away with these tiny mochi animal toys whose tummies are squishy sensory bliss. I was gifted these by a friend and love rolling them between my fingers while I'm at my desk; they get a lot of compliments and I'm always asked where I got them. They also come in another version that includes squishy animal paws in addition to belly-up animals.
A soothing weighted blanket
Weighted blankets may help advance relaxation and soothe anxiety by treating the body to gentle, comforting pressure, kind of like a calming hug. When I’m feeling particularly stressed or fidgety, plopping my own weighted blanket over me helps quell my nerves. I swear by it, and so do over 8,000 five-star reviewers. This one is an especially great present since it’s machine-washable and made with an all-cotton cover; its weighted beads are distributed in small pockets throughout the blanket for an even spread. It also comes in an impressive variety of weights and colors; for the best results, you should select a weight that’s about 10% of the body weight of the person using the blanket (for example, an 150-pound person should use an approximately 15-pound weighted blanket).
West Elm
Or an organic cotton weighted blanket
Another option is the Bearaby Napper blanket — arguably the best-looking weighted blanket on the internet. Featuring an incredibly stylish chunky knit design, the Napper is made from a breathable and buttery soft organic cotton that's free from toxic dyes or harmful chemicals. Grab it in four weight options that range from 10-25 pounds, as well as seven different colors. (The weight guidelines of the previous options also apply here.)
A TheraIce migraine headache relief cap
This highly rated headache relief cap offers cooling compression around the entire face and head, and can help to provide a fair amount of relief from migraines while also blocking out light and helping the wearer relax. It can stay cold for up to two hours and is made with stretchy, moldable material that cradles the contours of the head and face.
The bestselling Screaming Goat
The screaming goat is an iconic stocking stuffer thanks to its hilarious shriek that perfectly sums up the emotions of everyday life. (Reviewers say it's a surprisingly stress reliever, too, thanks to the comic relief it provides.) This goofy gift is such a hit, Amazon reviewers have given it nearly 30,000 5-star ratings.
Kasa smart Wi-Fi mini plugs
These handy and surprisingly affordable Kasa smart plugs are a favorite among HuffPost editors, and add an extra bit of control for folks stressed by all the moving parts in their lives. They allow users to turn home electronics on and off from anywhere, so your giftee will never have to worry about whether they turned off their hair straightener or mini heater again. They can just turn each Kasa plug off via their phone or computer for peace of mind. (Their electric bill may benefit, too.)

An added perk? By being able to turn lights off and on while they're gone, they can make it look like someone is home even while they're on vacation. That's just smart.
A cult-favorite Barefoot Dreams microfiber blanket
Stress is a doozy, and we can't take it off our loved ones' shoulders, but there's little that a snuggle with a deliciously soft blanket can't help with, at least a little bit. This Barefoot Dreams blanket is so cozy and soft (illegally so, jokes one reviewer) that it’s heralded by celebs like Oprah and the Kardashians. It’s made of plush, cozy microfiber that reviewers deem magically snuggly, and holds up well in the wash — when you can bear to part from it long enough for a wash, that is. It's available in a range of easy-on-the-eyes colors so you can pick the one that suits your loved one best.
A self-emptying Roomba i3+ robot vacuum
This cult-fave robot vacuum will help make your loved one's daily life more manageable by taking vacuuming off their hands, especially if they're already overworked or dealing with stress. They can just set the vacuum to clean while they're out and return home to a pristine floor, or catch up on literally any other task (even if just having some me-time in front of the TV) while the robo-vacuum does its thing. It may just feel like a gift straight from heaven.

This model has even more perks than the original, including the ability to empty itself (!) and a smart mapping feature that allows it to clean more efficiently over time as it learns the contours of your space. It's designed to clean carpets just as well as hard floors, and you can even control it by voice by connecting it to an Alexa- or Google Assistant-enabled device. When its 90-minute runtime is up, it automatically docks itself to recharge.
A highly-rated towel and blanket warmer
There’s something to be said for simple luxuries, especially in times of stress or when you need some extra TLC. This ingenious towel warmer is one of those things. Called a game-changing“affordable luxury” by reviewers, it’ll make your loved one's towels deliciously warm so they can wrap up in a cozy sheath after their shower or bath. It's also incredibly user-intuitive, offering a built-in timer with options for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes of heating time, and an automatic shut-off feature. It’s designed to be compact and lightweight, so it’ll fit easily in small spaces and won’t be too heavy for them to move around if needed.
A five-minute daily reflection journal
This five-minute daily journal is a great pick for for anyone interested in mindfulness or who wants to incorporate more thoughtfulness into their stressful life. It includes specific prompts designed for cultivating gratitude and self-reflection, including weekly challenges and daily highlights.

It's specifically designed to be a "journal for people who don't write journals," and its five-minute premise helps ensure that it's a habit that's manageable enough to stick to.

The notebook is decidedly smart and elegant, made with a linen hardcover, strong binding and gold foiling lettering. It has enough pages for six months' use and is specifically undated to ensure that your loved one can start it up at any time. It's available in seven colors.
A practical portable charger for iPhones
You never think you need a portable charger, until you do. This highly-rated iWalk power bank will have your loved ones' backs when they need it, helping avert inconveniences and crises, and making it an endlessly useful stocking stuffer. It's small enough to keep in a purse or backpack without adding extra weight, and can even fit in a pocket.

It works with iPhone models 6-14 (and is also available in a version for Android and Samsung Galaxy phones), and comes in multiple colors.
A soft circular meditation and yoga pillow
This cute, comfy meditation and yoga pillow from Target may help encourage them to try out meditation and other mindfulness-focused exercises. If anything, it'll give them permission to take a break and chill out.
A highly-rated Apple AirTag to keep track of precious items
Gift your recipient an AirTag for some peace of mind that promises to far surpass this gadget’s under-$30 price tag. Your loved one can use it to keep track of their wallet, car, pet, purse and more; scores of reviewers report using their AirTags to track down lost luggage at airports even faster than the airport could. You can even add on a stylish AirTag case for good measure, which you can also attach to a pet collar.
A "kittens in space" Decomposition notebook
This adorable notebook makes taking notes and writing lists so much more fun and just a little less stressful — just look at these kittens floating around gleefully in outer space, playing with mice and meteors! It's also great quality to boot, with a sturdy front and back and 160 lined pages made entirely of recycled paper. It comes in a bunch of other cool, tongue-in-cheek designs, too, like a jellyfish style and a depiction of deep-sea divers doing stretches underwater.
The ever-popular Rocketbook smart notebook
This bestselling smart notebook may well change the game for professionals and students overwhelmed by projects and deadlines. It allows them to take pen-to-paper notes which they can then send to their email, Google Drive or cloud of their choice so they can access those same notes on their phone and computer. Once the notes have been digitized, they can just erase the page with a damp cloth and start over. I'm convinced it's truly wow-worthy.

It's available in two sizes and various colors.
An Amazon gift card
Some may feel that gift cards are impersonal, but cash-loaded cards can help stressed-out folks secure what they need without having to worry about their budget (or lets them treat themself to something specific on their wishlist). They can also use an Amazon gift card to get groceries delivered right to their door through Amazon Fresh, which will surely be appreciated for anyone stretched thin.
A touch-free 15-ounce Brümate Rotera water bottle
If your loved one is dealing with a lot of stress, odds are they aren't remembering to drink enough water. It may seem like a small thing, but keeping their body hydrated can help them function better to face whatever challenges arise. I'm convinced that this Brümate is the best water bottle on the market. Its ergonomic handle allows for easy carrying and it is truly leakproof (I've inadvertently tested this many a time by dropping it and knocking it over). The best part of this bottle? Its twist-to-drink straw, which provides easy, touch-free hydration without repeatedly exposing your drink to dust and dirt (or having to continuously unscrew and screw a lid).
A bestselling vegetable chopper
This vegetable chopper may help entice your stressed family or pal to eat more vegetables even if they're majorly short on time. This reviewer favorite slices and dices fruits and veggies by a simple open and close of its lid, making it easier and less time-consuming to prepare food. Its design lets them cut food directly into its storage container, too. Besides chopping components, it also includes spiralizer blades, a julienne cutter and a ribbon cutter. Reviewers insist it's worth the hype. Adding to its convenience, it's also dishwasher-safe.
A bestselling waving inflatable tube guy
This wacky, pint-sized inflatable tube boi is here to cheer your loved one on whenever they're stressed by work or childcare or whenever else they may need a pint-sized cheerleader. Its base contains a little fan to help it wave, wiggle and dance. (It's also a cute gift for fans of Jordan Peele's movie "Nope.") It requires a 9V battery to work.
The Baby Nessie loose tea infuser
Stressed out tea lovers will get a kick out of this Baby Nessie infuser, which will brew their loose tea to perfection and look cute as all get-out while doing it. The creature’s long sea monster neck functions as a steeping spoon and an easy stirring tool, while the body conveniently infuses ground or powdered teas. It’s dishwasher-safe, so when it's done brewing they can just discard their used leaves, rinse it out and pop it in the dishwasher for a deep clean. Baby Nessie is made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone.
A Keurig single-serve coffee maker
You can't go wrong with a Keurig for folks who love their coffee. This tried-and-true Keurig single serve coffee maker lets them choose between 6-, 8- and 10-ounce brew sizes and will quickly brew them a perfect cup of joe with barely any effort on their part. That's more time to devote to their tasks and less time stressing about their morning coffee routine (or a caffeine headache). It's available in black, red, grey and turquoise.
Or a versatile coffee machine that makes cold brew and espresso, too
This impressive single-serve Bruvi machine makes coffee, espresso and cold brew through a unique brewing system that promises no cross-contamination for a tastier (and more hygienic) cup of Joe. The bundle includes 20 bio-degradable coffee pods, a water filter kit and more. They'll love you for this one!
A Blink video doorbell
With two-way audio, HD video during the day and infrared capabilities at nighttime, this Blink video doorbell allows your loved one to keep a live eye on their doorstep wherever they are. It also gives them notifications when it detects motion (or when someone presses it). It's sure to help with peace of mind, especially for folks who live alone or are at their wit's end with their packages getting stolen. It's also compatible with Alexa, so they can control it by voice!

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