Why Do We Tip — And Are We Doing It Wrong? You Might Be Surprised.

"Am I Doing It Wrong?," HuffPost's new podcast, investigates the origins of tipping, why it's so problematic, and how we can do better.
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I didn’t ― and neither did Raj Punjabi, my co-host on “Am I Doing It Wrong?,” HuffPost’s new podcast that explores the all-too-human anxieties we have about trying to get our lives right.

We wondered what else we don’t know about the wild and often contentious world of tipping ― and if we might be screwing up every time we come face to face with the tip line on a receipt or a touch screen.

So we did what we’ve recently started doing whenever we suspect we could learn a thing or 12 about something we — and probably lots of people — might be getting wrong: We asked for some help.

Thankfully, HuffPost senior reporter Monica Torres agreed to chat with us about all the ins and outs of tipping, how and why it started in America, and what we should be thinking about and doing when we tip — or don’t:

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