Tom Brady Awkwardly Shows Why He Should Never Play Receiver Again

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star looked like the 45-year-old quarterback he is on the trick play.

As a receiver, Tom Brady makes a very good quarterback. (Watch the video below.)

The 45-year-old attempted a trick play on Sunday in which he was to receive a pass from running back Leonard Fournette, but Brady slipped to the turf and the ball was intercepted by the Seattle Seahawks’ Tariq Woolen. Brady also got flagged for tripping Woolen.

The game, however, was mostly a triumph for Brady, who threw for 258 yards and two touchdowns to secure a 21-16 victory in Munich, Germany, that evened the Bucs’ record at 5-5.

“I slipped,” Brady said of the gadget play to the NFL Network afterward. “I wouldn’t have caught it anyway, but I tried to tackle him or at least prevent him from getting the interception.”

The seven-time Super Bowl winner offered a lighthearted response on Twitter. “If I don’t slip that’s Randy over the top for 6,” he wrote, referring to former Patriots teammate and Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss.

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