Alabama Senator's Attack On NYC Homicide Rates Fails Miserably

New York City's homicide rates are actually lower than Alabama’s on a per capita basis.

Although Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) previously made his name coaching football, these days, he’s more likely to put his foot in his mouth.

It happened last week, when Tuberville tied himself up in knots by expressing support for the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision that frozen embryos are children while simultaneously opposing the effects of the ruling.

And it happened again on Tuesday, when he made a sarcastic post on X, formerly Twitter, directed at President Joe Biden that also attacked what Tuberville claimed were dangerously high homicide rates in New York City.

The Alabama Republican probably felt pretty good after the post, since he managed to attack Biden, big cities in blue states and migrants in one go ― a conservative trifecta, to be sure.

There was just one problem: Tuberville had his facts wrong. In response to Tuberville’s post, Kyle Whitmire, a columnist for, pointed out that the Big Apple’s homicide rates are actually lower than Alabama’s on a per capita basis.

Like, way lower.

Unlike Tuberville, Whitmire also offered links to information supporting his claims in subsequent tweets. As of Tuesday afternoon, the senator hadn’t responded to Whitmire’s fact check.

But others did, mostly to ridicule Tuberville for stoking fears sure to appeal to low-information voters and ignoring how nice New York City actually is.

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