20 Underrated Destinations For Solo Female Travel

From Seoul to Czechia, these are the often overlooked destinations experts believe are perfect for a solo trip.

Taking a trip by yourself is a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery and relaxation. It’s also a good way to get to know a new place with the freedom and flexibility to go at your own pace and do exactly what you want, whenever you want.

Many women in particular have heralded the transformative power of solo travel. And while “Eat Pray Love” might’ve put destinations like Rome and Bali on the map for would-be solo female travelers, there are plenty of other amazing places to discover.

We asked experts to share the underrated solo female travel destinations they recommend.

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“Slovenia is often overshadowed by its neighboring countries in Europe, but it offers a wealth of natural beauty, charming towns, and a safe and welcoming environment for solo female travelers,” said Kelly Kimple, CEO of Adventures in Good Company.

She touted the destination’s stunning landscapes with the picturesque Lake Bled, hiker-friendly Julian Alps and Triglav National Park, and the vibrant capital city of Ljubljana. Visitors can take a boat ride to the iconic island church, stroll charming streets, enjoy the local café culture and sample traditional dishes like the potica rolled pastry and dumplings known as štruklji.

“Slovenia is great for solo female travelers because it’s relatively compact and easy to navigate, meaning you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time,” Kimple said. “The locals are friendly and English is widely spoken, making it easy to communicate and connect with people. Additionally, Slovenia has a reputation for being one of the safest countries in Europe, offering peace of mind for solo travelers.”
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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“Buenos Aires, Argentina, is not a place that typically comes to mind for solo female travel, but it’s a great option for those looking for a city break,” said Tausha Cowan, founder of The Globe Getter. “Similar to other big cities, one should exercise caution where and when appropriate, but it’s a city with so much to do, great food, a beautiful culture and easy to get around. I spent a few days exploring Buenos Aires solo and loved it.”

She recommended starting your visit with a city tour to get your bearings and then seeking out an authentic Argentine asado.

“Enjoy the tango you’ll surely see on the streets of Buenos Aires,” she added.
Seoul, South Korea
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“Seoul is a majorly underrated solo travel destination,” said Meredith Carey, deputy editor of content at Tripadvisor. “It’s incredibly easy to get around, thanks to a great public transit system and trains that can connect you to cities across South Korea. There’s a bit of something for everyone, whether you’re a die-hard K-pop fan, a vintage shopper, a foodie or a spa lover, which means you can be supremely selfish in planning your itinerary to fit your passions ― and appetite.”

She recommended staying either in the young, hip enclave of Hongdae, or the shopping district of Myeongdong to wander around the many cafes and stores. “You can eat out at plenty of Seoul restaurants as a party of one ― dining solo is called ‘honbap’ here,” Carey added.

“But if you’re looking to taste some of Korea’s communal cuisines, like KBBQ, I’d recommend joining a group food tour, or you can look for a restaurant that specifically serves solo diners, like Hongojib or the Shinssihwaro Express in Lotte Mall.”

Travel host Samantha Brown also believes Seoul is an excellent destination for solo female travelers due to its safety, walkability and distinct culture. She recommended timing your visit to cherry blossom season and exploring the up-and-coming neighborhood of Yeonnam-dong.

“One noteworthy spot is Happy Cheese Smile, an amazing casual restaurant known for its generous portions of pork cutlets and tteokbokki, or simmered rice cakes,” Brown said. “Seoul also has a strong coffee culture, with popular chains towering up to four stories. Personally, I opted for a local experience at Coffee Libre ― a small and welcoming space inspired by Lucha Libre wrestling in Mexico.”
Dublin, Ireland
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“Dublin tends to be overlooked as a destination for solo female travel, possibly because it has a colder climate and has lesser-known attractions ― as opposed to say Paris, Barcelona, or Rome,” said travel expert and author La Carmina. “However, I found Dublin to be the perfect place for me to travel alone. The English-speaking city is safe and relatively small, so I could easily walk around on my own and didn’t have to stress about logistics or communication.”

She felt comfortable taking in the art, architecture and cultural attractions like Trinity Library by herself and then enjoying the luxury accommodations at Anantara The Marker Dublin Hotel, which overlooks the river.

“I recommend staying outside the crowded and raucous Temple Bar area, which attracts a lot of male partiers,” she added.
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“Tanzania is a fantastic country for solo female travelers, and the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro even more so,” said Meg Jerrard, co-founder of Solo Female Travelers. “Tourism is well set up, it is a friendly and incredibly welcoming country, and it is also very safe for female travelers.”

She noted that there’s been a recent shift with more local women becoming certified guides, safari drivers and porters, and urged travelers to book guides from companies that provide work opportunities for women. This will provide an even richer experience in a truly remarkable destination.

“The diversity of experience in one country is one where can go from the highest peak in Africa to the beaches of Zanzibar in a two-hour flight, explore a massive extinct volcano and caldera that has created a unique ecosystem where species thrive, or discover the remote shores of Lake Tanganika or Lake Victoria, the mountains of Mahale where chimpanzees live or the arid landscapes of Selous or Ruaha,” Jerrard said.
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“Bermuda is easily accessible from most cities on the East Coast, and the people are extremely kind,” said travel expert and Going spokesperson Katy Nastro. “Because the island is only about 20 square miles, it feels manageable enough to explore without needing tons of pre-arrival preparation.”

She noted that Bermuda accepts U.S. dollars, so you don’t have to do any mental math or exchange currency. And the official language is English.

“Having lived on the island while working on a project for an extended period of time, I never once felt unsafe or out of my element,” Nastro added. “The friendliness and familiarity of everyone on the island truly felt like you weren’t alone, even if you were on your own. Best way for exploring the island is by scooter, and don’t worry, the locals really try to encourage safe scooting with lessons and roadside help if needed.”
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“Crete is a great destination for solo female travelers because it’s stunning, safe, easy to get to, has wonderfully friendly locals, and more moderately priced than some of the more popular Greek Islands,” said Tara Cappel, founder and CEO of FTLO Travel. “Crete is known for its amazing food and lively evenings so even if you’re solo, you can still feel like you’re a part of what’s going on.”

She recommended splitting your time between scheduled activities and unscheduled exploration.

“There are so many wonderful experiences in Crete that you can’t find online ― you just have to find out about them when you get there ― so make sure you have time for these more spontaneous adventures,” Cappel said. “Beyond that, bring an appetite as Crete is known to have the best food in the Mediterranean.”
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“Ecuador has a lot to offer solo travelers, with a good bus network which makes this corner of South America easy to navigate,” said Sue Cockell, a travel coach and founder of Sue Where? Why? What?.

In addition to visiting cities like Quito and Baños (be prepared for high altitudes), adventure-loving travelers can experience the Amazon Rainforest and the Galápagos Islands.

“If you enjoy hiking, Ecuador has a lot to offer,” Cockell said. “I spent a month there, and the highlight for me was taking three days to hike the Quilotoa Loop. The trail takes you through the lush valleys of Ecuadorian countryside, through villages where you can really get a flavor of local life. The walk ends when you arrive at the stunning crater lake of Laguna Quilotoa. Or for those who want something more challenging, then you can hike up Mount Cotopaxi, one of the world’s most active volcanoes.”
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“The Southeast Asian country of Laos offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere, with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes including many waterfalls,” said tour guide and travel expert Kiara di Paola. “Laos is known for its friendly and welcoming locals, who embrace visitors with warmth and hospitality. I felt very safe exploring Laos traveling solo, as crime rates are relatively low, and the country has a laid-back and relaxed vibe.”

She touted the country’s affordable prices, delicious cuisine, tranquil ambiance and beautiful countryside, which you explore via rented scooter or bike. It’s also easy to tack a Laos visit onto a trip to Thailand, Cambodia and/or Vietnam.

“Luang Prabang is so charming with its ancient temples and French colonial architecture, and is a highlight for many travelers,” she said, urging travelers to partake in the Sai Bat Buddhist tradition. “Additionally, Laos offers opportunities for outdoor adventures such as trekking, kayaking and exploring remote villages.”
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Briona Lamback, founder of Buoyant Travel, believes San Juan, Puerto Rico, is an underrated destination for solo female travel.

“It’s great because it’s not a far flight from most East Coast U.S. cities, and no passport is needed,” she said. “It’s a city by the beach, so travelers get the best of both worlds, with incredible beaches, vibrant nightlife and great food. I’ve traveled extensively to San Juan, both solo and in groups, and have always felt comfortable, safe and at home.”

Lamback suggested basing yourself in San Juan but booking getaway experiences to the peaceful island of Vieques and impressive El Yunque National Forest. She also recommended the cozy boutique accommodations at Dreamcatcher.
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“Iceland is definitely an underrated destination for solo female travelers and there are so many reasons why,” said travel guide Tonia Hope, who pointed to the island nation’s low crime rate, compact size, well-developed infrastructure, friendly locals and abundant activities to enjoy.

She recommended renting a car or camper van and doing the Ring Road circuit route.

“Many of Iceland’s truly hidden gems are spread out around the country; the further out you venture from the capital, the more likely you are to see the beauty of Iceland’s natural features,” Hope said. “From exploring glaciers and waterfalls to soaking in hot springs, there’s something for every adventurous spirit ― so many opportunities to have an unforgettable experience.”
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“This may sound surprising but I love Jordan for solo female travel,” said Jen Ruiz, a solo female travel expert and author of "12 Trips in 12 Months." “There are so many adventures, like visiting the Petra, sleeping in a glass dome under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert and floating in the Dead Sea with nutrients that have healing properties.”

She advised traveling with a guide and/or driver to help you navigate with ease, and enjoying foods like shrak, shawarma and zarb.

“Visit the Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative to buy handcrafted items from a group of local women,” Ruiz added. “See Petra beyond the Treasury, it’s an entire city not just one facade. You can also see Petra by Night, when it’s lit up by candlelight.”
Costa Rica
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Cockell also recommended Costa Rica as an underrated solo travel destination, especially for nature lovers. The incredible biodiversity and protected natural areas mean you can’t help but experience the flora and fauna across the country.

“The words you hear everywhere are ‘Pura Vida!’ ― ‘Pure Life’ ― which sums up the laid back, friendly nature of the locals,” she said. “It is a small country with a great tourist transport infrastructure so it is really easy to navigate. You can experience almost any adrenaline rush you wish for ― white-water rafting, canyoning, zip-lining ― or relax in naturally heated volcanic thermal baths.”

Cockell advised against limiting your visit to just one part of the country.

“It’s easy to get around, so make the most of it and see what it has to offer,” she said. “For the solo female traveler, there is a completely different feel between the glossier resorts on the Pacific Coast to the laid-back Afro-Caribbean vibes on the opposite side. In between, you have volcanos, wild rivers, rainforests and national parks. The bus system is regular and reliable, so it is a shame to not make the most and see more of what Costa Rica has to offer.”
Taipei, Taiwan
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“Taipei, Taiwan, is sometimes overshadowed by other Asian cities, but its affordability and safety give any female traveler peace of mind,” Nastro said. “A co-worker of mine recently visited and remarked how walking around at night, they never felt uncomfortable, and even saw other women alone walking.”

Night markets, flower markets, monuments, religious sites and countless other cultural attractions can easily fill a Taipei itinerary. Nastro also recommended Facebook groups centered around female travel for tips and even meet-ups.
Rapa Nui, Chile
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“Not enough people talk about Rapa Nui, commonly known as Easter Island,” Ruiz said. “It’s a remote island that is part of Chile but located in the Pacific. The island is famous for the Moai, burial statues that are carved to look like giant heads. This is a pristine, safe and singular destination for solo travelers.”

She noted that you will need a local guide to access many of the Moai sites, but emphasized that there’s much to do beyond that as well.

“Go horseback riding, visit the local planetarium, attend a traditional dance show, shop the local markets, stop by the town’s library with a unique architectural design and more,” Ruiz urged. “It’s remote enough to feel like you’re truly taking a break from the world.”
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"Czech people are known for their hospitality and friendliness towards visitors," di Paola said. "Solo female travelers are likely to find locals who are helpful and accommodating, which can enhance their overall experience."

Czechia (also known as the Czech Republic) tends to be a more budget-friendly alternative to other European countries, but still offers efficient public transportation, and a rich history and culture.

"There is plenty to see from the fairytale-like charm of Prague’s old town to the historic castles scattered throughout the countryside," di Paola said.
Bocas del Toro, Panama
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“Bocas del Toro in Panama is underrated for solo female travel,” di Paola said. “It offers a blend of safety, vibrant culture and natural beauty. The community and laid-back atmosphere make it easy to connect with locals and fellow travelers. Additionally, there’s a range of activities from beach hopping to jungle exploration to surfing caters to diverse interests.”

Although the journey to Bocas del Toro can be quite long, she emphasized that you’ll find a welcoming environment, and many opportunities for adventure and relaxation when you arrive.

“The cocoa tour in the middle of the jungle at Isla de Bastimientos was amazing,” she said. “If you love the clear blue water and secluded islands, consider a trip to Isla de Bastimientos Marine Park with a private guide. Do a surf class!”
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“Visiting and traveling in Cuba needs time and patience, but if you have both, your efforts will be rewarded,” Cockell said, noting that it is her favorite place in the world. “Make sure you stay in the casa particulares, a system where the locals can earn money for renting out rooms in their own homes. This way you get a much less expensive but more authentic experience. Most also provide food for breakfast, and many will make dinner for you too.”

She recommended exploring beyond the coastal resorts and main tourist areas of Havana.

“Havana Centro may look daunting, as the buildings feel like they are crumbling around you, but this is where the locals live,” Cockell said. “It gives you a much more authentic understanding of what life is like in Cuba. Finally, take salsa lessons! Most of the towns will have a centre where you can go in the evening to practice, and you will never be short of a willing partner. If you do feel intimidated to join in, it is still a fantastic night to sit on the side-lines and watch the dancers.”
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“Japan is an inviting destination for solo female travelers,” Ruiz said. “The culture is respectful and polite. You’ll immediately notice this when you take public transport and notice people lined up in an orderly manner on the escalator or while waiting to board the train.”

She recommended dining at a themed cafe, visiting Mount Fuji, attending a traditional tea ceremony, feeding the bowing deer of Nara and taking a kintsugi class to learn the Japanese art of mending broken objects with gold. And don’t forget to enjoy all the food, from ramen to takoyaki to wagyu beef.

“It is safe to walk around at night on your own throughout the major cities,” Ruiz added. “There are ample lodging options at all price points, though if you want to splurge, stay at a traditional ryokan with private onsen.”
Florianópolis, Brazil
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“This city has all the awesome vibes of Brazil ― stunning beaches, killer nightlife, friendly locals ― but with a chill, safe atmosphere that’s on par with places like Miami Beach and Madrid,” Nastro said. “It’s a great intro to Brazil and even South America for those seeking to travel to that part of the world.”

Located southern Brazil’s Santa Catarina state, Florianópolis has been named one of the best places to live in the country, and visitors can enjoy its beautiful sights and delicious food. Nastro also recommended that travelers join local WhatsApp groups for tips on language, hiking and more.

“These can really make a trip even more authentic and special because you are getting in touch with not just other travelers in the area, but also locals ― a great mix of exposure,” she said.

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