This TikTok-Beloved Product Might Be What Your Shaving Routine Is Missing

Move over, shaving cream — shave oil is taking over the internet.
Tree Hut's viral shave oil
Tree Hut's viral shave oil

Influencers and content creators continue to announce on TikTok how shave oil will change your life. Often more moisturizing than traditional shaving creams, this oil-based shower product promises to keep your skin softer than the traditional foamy stuff. It also adheres to your skin better than shaving cream, so the water raining down on you won’t wash away all the product before you get a chance to use your razor.

A TikTok favorite is Tree Hut’s shave oil. TikToker Kaitlin Sondae shared Tree Hut serves up the best shave oil she’s ever used because it’s super affordable and lasts forever. Unlike baby oil — a popular substitute for shaving cream — this Tree Hut Shave oil promises to leave your razor blades free of residue. At just around $10 per bottle at Walmart, it’s a price you can’t beat for silky smooth legs.

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Tree Hut Bare Coconut Lime shave oil
On one viral TikTok video with over 633,000 views, you can see Tree Hut’s shave oil in action. User Angelic tries Tree Hut’s Coconut Lime shave oil because of how much she likes their equally popular body scrubs. She captioned in the video, “My legs have neeevverrr felt this soft.”
Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Moisturizing shave oil
“This is the best shaving anything you will buy,” said another content creator, Julie Kay, in her viral TikTok about their Tree Hut’s shave oil with many viewers agreeing in the comments. One commenter affirmed, “I just tried this stuff. Will not go back to anything else lol.”

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