'I Had No Idea': A Woman Went Viral For Sharing The Latest Trend That Instantly Identifies Millennials, And War Was Waged

"Whaaaat?!.. What are we supposed to be doing?! Help! I had no idea."
When trends fade, I'd like to say I'm pretty on top of it, but today I came across a revelation that genuinely shocked me.
Apparently, millennials are now easily spottable if they...
Yes, the Tan France favorite (also known as the "French tuck"). It's when you only tuck your shirt into the front of your pants, but not the back.
Him, somewhere right now:
Brianna Archuletta, aka @briannainreallife, a 33-year-old product manager and content creator from Kansas City, created a video sharing the unfortunate news:
Archuletta told BuzzFeed that she learned the front tuck was a millennial thing while scrolling through "stop dressing like a millennial" videos on TikTok. She said, "Front tucking was mentioned, amongst other things." Some of those things I've found include side parts, distressed skinny jeans, and no-show socks (WHAT!?).
Archuletta's video was then stitched by alarmed user @xomelissaleigh in a new video, which over five million people watched. In the video, she said, "Whaaaat?! What else do you do with the front of your shirt? What are we supposed to be doing? Help! I had no idea."

#stitch with @Brianna Archuletta this news is TRAUMATIZING #millenial#genz

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The millennials were quaking.
Like...things got heated. They came for blood.
In the words of Mariah Carey, they said, "Why are you so obsessed with me?"
One Gen Z'er "Well, actually'd" them all and said if you're not a millennial (presumably, if you are Gen Z), you either tuck your shirt in fully or don't tuck your shirt in at all. They said, "Millennials only tuck the front, not the back." Well, okay!
But other Gen Z'ers were pretty chill about all the discourse, and admitted they French tuck, too.
As a cusper myself, I was getting my popcorn machine revved up on the sidelines but also once again blissfully confused which side I belonged to:
Melissa McCormick, the 28-year-old PhD student who created the stitched video, told BuzzFeed she's already stopped front tucking. She said, "I have actually already stopped doing the front tuck. Not necessarily because it's a millennial signifier, but because I really like knowing what the trends are and trying them for myself."

"I have no doubt I'll still do it again in the future because, let's be honest, sometimes tucking in a little bit of your shirt takes an outfit from a two to a 10."

She added, "People in my comments let me know that along with the front tuck, there is a back tuck, a bra tuck, and about a million more kinds of 'tuck' that I didn't know about." She's right, though. There are even brands now that give a seamless "crop tuck" (it's basically a bra tuck but with a band instead):
"It makes me feel like I need to carry a dictionary around to remember all these things... which sounds exactly like something my mother would say," McCormick added.
Not to derail, but I'm personally fascinated such an invention exists...because this was my solution to an oversized shirt as a kid:
Getty Images
And for Archuletta, the creator of the original video, she said she's not giving up on the front tuck just yet. She told BuzzFeed, "I’ll definitely be hanging on to my front tuck. While it may not be the most current styling method, I think it’s important to interpret trends through our own sense of style... I’m not too worried about where that might put me from the perspective of a visual age assessment."

"I also have a couple pairs of skinny jeans left (they work better with tall boots!), and not all of my tops are perfectly cropped to my high-waisted jeans," she said. "We’ve all lived through various stages of fashion rules. As we get older, we get a lot less concerned with following the ones we don’t like."

Y'all, all I know is, day by day, I am becoming less and less in the loop. But I am thankful for the Internet for keeping me entertained and informed.
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