Warner Bros. Reportedly Might Now Scrap Ezra Miller's 'Flash' Movie As Last Resort

The studio is considering how to address the actor's recent disturbing behavior.
Ezra Miller attends the "Justice League" premiere in 2017.
Ezra Miller attends the "Justice League" premiere in 2017.
via Associated Press

How do you solve a problem like Ezra Miller? Well, Warner Bros. is reportedly considering three different approaches to managing the chaos surrounding the star’s recent actions before “The Flash” is set to arrive in theaters next year.

The studio is weighing several options, including possibly scrapping the film altogether, according to The Hollywood Reporter, after a string of disturbing incidents involving Miller, who stars as the titular superhero.

The actor became embroiled in more legal trouble this week after they were charged with a felony burglary for allegedly stealing alcohol from a Vermont residence, marking the star’s third arrest within the past year.

So what’s an embattled studio to do? One option would require Miller to “seek professional help” and explain their “erratic behavior over the past few years” in an interview before the film’s release. Miller would then conduct a limited amount of press, and the blockbuster’s rollout would proceed as intended.

In the second scenario, “The Flash” hits theaters as planned without the stipulation that Miller seek help. The actor wouldn’t have a “prominent role in terms of marketing and publicity,” per the report, with the film marking their final appearance as the character.

Lastly, executives are considering scrapping the movie altogether and potentially taking an unprecedented $200 million loss on the project, which also stars Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as various versions of Batman. The report notes that the film “could not be reshot with a different actor,” as Miller appears in almost every scene, in addition to playing multiple characters.

Shortly before Miller’s latest arrest made the news, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav said that the studio remains “excited” about “The Flash,” which he confirmed is still part of the upcoming slate of superhero films.

Warner Bros. reportedly was working alongside Miller earlier this summer prior to the burglary charge. The actor participated in additional photography for the film, signaling the studio’s confidence in the project at the time.

The studio’s unwavering support of the project and Miller has drawn immense criticism in recent weeks, particularly after the company unceremoniously shelved HBO Max‘s “Batgirl” movie among a host of other upcoming projects.

Prior to his most recent arrest, Miller was arrested in Hawaii in March on charges of disorderly conduct after an altercation at a bar. Weeks later, the actor was arrested again on suspicion of second-degree assault for allegedly throwing a chair that struck a woman in the forehead.

Miller has more recently been at the center of troubling abuse claims involving minors, as well as housing a woman and her children in their Vermont property under allegedly dangerous conditions, according to a Rolling Stone report. Police have yet to locate the family, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

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