Woody Harrelson Reacts To Matthew McConaughey's Claim They May Be Half-Brothers

"I’ll just say there is some veracity to that thought," said the actor, who will appear alongside McConaughey in the series "Brother from Another Mother."

Woody Harrelson is urging his pal and co-star Matthew McConaughey to join him in providing receipts when it comes to their potential familial connection.

Appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Tuesday, Harrelson lent credence to McConaughey’s recent claim that the two actors may actually be half-brothers. The source of this theory, he explained, stemmed from a group chat he’d had with McConaughey’s mother, Kay, also known as “MawMac.”

“I’ll just say there is some veracity to that thought,” Harrelson said. “We were in Greece watching the U.S. team win the World Cup and, I don’t know, I mentioned something about regrets. And I said: ‘You know, it’s odd that my father has no regrets.’”

“I have known MawMac a long time,” he continued. “And she goes, ‘I knew... your father.’ And it was the ellipses I found a little troubling, or interesting.”

Harrelson, whose father was hit man and organized crime figure Charles Voyde Harrelson, described Kay’s pause as “filled with innuendo.” Roughly nine months prior to McConaughey’s birth, she “was on a sabbatical from her relationship with his supposed father, Jim,” he added.

Watch a clip of Woody Harrelson’s “Late Show” appearance below.

Harrelson and McConaughey have worked together several times, most notably in the 1999 comedy “EdTV” and on HBO’s “True Detective.” The two actors are set to appear together once again in the aptly named AppleTV+ series “Brother from Another Mother.”

McConaughey first addressed his possible relationship to Harrelson in an appearance on Kelly Ripa’s “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast.

“My kids call him Uncle Woody. His kids call me Uncle Matthew,” he said in an episode released last week. “And you see pictures of us and my family thinks a lot of pictures of him are me. His family thinks a lot of pictures of me are him.”

Whether the actors’ remarks are purely intended to drum up publicity for their new project is anyone’s guess. The only way to tell for sure, of course, is by taking a DNA test ― something both men have said they are willing to do.

In his chat with Colbert, however, Harrelson suggested that McConaughey may be less than enthused if the test does prove that they share a father.

“We want to go and test, but for him, it’s a much more big deal because he feels like he’s losing a father,” he said. “I’m like no, you’re gaining a different father and a brother.”

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