The Yankees Allow A 'Little League Home Run' In Defensive Lowlight

The Yankees turned back to the clock to their childhoods on "the worst defense you will see in MLB all year" against the San Diego Padres.

The New York Yankees on Sunday played “the worst defense you will see in MLB all year,” according to the “Talkin’ Baseball” podcast. (Watch the video below.)

Exaggeration? You decide.

After a hit by the San Diego Padres’ Jose Azocar, Yankees center fielder Harrison Bader and catcher Kyle Higashioka threw balls that were comically off-target, enabling what Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay called “a Little League home run” for Azocar that scored two runs.

That might be harsh on Little Leaguers.

The play was actually ruled a single and two errors, but Kay had a point.

The Yankees would eventually win 10-7 and Bader and Higashioka each had 2 RBIs to make up for their gaffes.

Some fans on Twitter still gave the Bronx Bombers a good ribbing for throwing the ball all over the place and for pitcher Gerrit Cole not backing up home plate on the play ― which pitchers are taught to do at a young age.

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