Zach Wilson Perfectly Sums Up Season In Embarrassing Viral Pratfall

The Jets' quarterback bust had a super-cringe moment in another loss, but it wasn't during a play.

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson jogged backward and fell on his butt while taking the field Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. (Watch the video below.)

The pratfall was emblematic of a Jets season that has collapsed under the former No. 2 draft pick’s leadership.

Wilson’s tumble, we repeat, was not during a play. He was simply backpedaling to lead his miserable offense back into the game during the second quarter when he tripped over his own feet.

“Oh dear,” announcer Jim Nantz said in watching the slow-motion replay.

Wilson’s teammates laughed from the sideline and Wilson tried to make light of the moment as well, CBS’s Tracy Wolfson reported (per the New York Post).

But there was nothing funny about Wilson’s performance if you’re a Jets fan. He threw an interception on that drive and was yanked in the third quarter for sub quarterback Tim Boyle. The Jets lost, 32-6, sinking their record to 4-6 and dimming their playoff hopes.

Wilson is 30th out of 31 eligible quarterbacks in Quarterback Rating and the Jets offense is near the bottom in the league.

The Jets play on Black Friday against the first-place Miami Dolphins, so the fall will likely continue.

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