Zendaya Cuts Ties With Company Running Her Fashion Line After Fans Complain

The actress told fans: “I will personally ensure that each and every outstanding order and issue is resolved.”

Like many celebrities, Zendaya has her own fashion line.

But now she’s finished with the company who was running things.

On Wednesday, the actress announced on Instagram that she had cut ties with the company who was in charge of fulfilling orders for her line Daya By Zendaya. She did not specify the name of the company.

This came after numerous fans contacted her on social media to gripe about terrible customer service.

The line is personally curated by Zendaya and celebrity stylist Law Roach and includes items such as jackets, shoes, rompers and jumpsuits.

However, as Seventeen.com notes, many customers griped that they had placed orders, but not heard back or received their packages months after purchasing product.

Zendaya responded to the complaints with a statement on social media stating she is no longer affiliated with the company operating the line.

“I will personally ensure that each and every outstanding order and issue is resolved,” she added.

The actress also provided an email where customers can contact her about any issues.

One of the complaining Twitter users who contacted Zendaya told HuffPost she has not yet heard back from the company or the actress.

The disgruntled social media user also said she has filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

HuffPost reached out to the actress about the snafu, but she did not immediately respond.

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