State officials are mystified as to how an aggressively contagious disease got into a state facility previously thought to be impenetrable.
“I just couldn’t believe it,” the New Jersey man said of the wild incident.
Surveillance footage shows a deer charging into the crowded restaurant around lunchtime, prompting diners to scatter.
"I may be broke before it's over, but I don't want to kill my deer."
"Saturday Night Live" host Megan Thee Stallion thanked Thompson who "saved" her life as the deer crept near them during a sketch.
Ox Ranch, where weekend trips can cost hunters tens of thousands of dollars, is now the site of an experimental research project to help understand chronic wasting disease.
Robert Williams has scored a series of legal wins that are testing the limits of the state’s control over its deer herds.
“They panic, one jumps off, and they all leap off,” said one man of the sad phenomenon.
"Police believe that the buck is part of an organized crime group breaking into buildings in New Hampshire."
The majority of Iowa's white-tailed deer may already be infected with the coronavirus.