The Republican senator is running for reelection in... Colorado.
In an emotional Facebook post, the Fleetwood Mac chanteuse deemed the coronavirus "a real American Horror Story" and urged fans to wear masks.
Facebook banned the far-right, anti-government militias in June.
The quirky bear advice also reminds hikers that bruins like to be left alone: "Don't we all?"
The man who created Facebook in his dorm room is now worth at least $100 billion.
Accounts linked to a Romanian troll farm and The Epoch Times pushed disinformation about Trump's campaign, the coronavirus and anti-racism protests.
The president's unsubstantiated claims of tech giants' anti-conservative bias are a key pillar of his reelection playbook — and a rallying cry for campaign donations.
Facebook and Twitter both penalized the campaign for posting video from a Fox News interview in which Trump says children are "almost immune" to COVID-19.
The new feature will let Instagrammers record 15-second videos with audio and visual effects.
The company's new CEO, Kevin Mayer, addressed its Chinese ownership in an open letter and also took aim at Facebook's "maligning attacks."