Shark Attacks

The tight-knit surfing community reacted with shock at the 15-year-old's death and paid tribute to a “happy, kind and respectful kid, very much loved by his surfing peers.”
Shark attacks on humans are very rare, especially fatal ones, though several have been reported in recent months. One expert offered possible reasons why.
The swimmer at Rockaway Beach was hospitalized with a massive thigh wound.
Human remains found inside the shark had a tattoo that's believed to have belonged to the 32-year-old man who vanished on Feb. 18.
A loggerhead turtle is rehabbing at Zoo Miami’s new Sea Turtle Hospital after a shark bit off most of her left fin.
“The coast is our community’s backyard,” the local mayor said. "We are all in shock."
It's still uncertain if Paul Millachip was attacked twice by a great white shark or attacked by two sharks, according to authorities.
Police said they shot at the shark after seeing it linger along the shoreline for almost a half-hour after the attack.
"I did what anyone would have done," he said. "The shark was latched onto her leg. I just jumped into the water."