Officers found the 3-year-old boy facedown in the pool with at least four stab wounds.
The must-pass government funding package will expand gun rights for an unlikely group — and some Democrats voted in favor of it.
A 39-year-old veteran attempted self-castration after the VA denied her request for gender-affirming surgery.
“There is nothing more that can be said,” the former White House chief of staff concluded. “God help us.”
More than 200 residents of the homes died during the pandemic.
Steven Cheung, who formerly worked in communications for the UFC, said Jeff Reichman — who served the Marine Corps for 29 years — was “lily-livered.”
In a new memo, President Joe Biden's administration estimates that over 600,000 vets in vulnerable Republican House districts could be hurt.
The president mocked House Republicans for passing a bill that the White House says could mean 22% funding cuts for the Department of Veterans Affairs.
"The story was graphic and disturbing. It followed me as I drove the car, shopped for groceries, brushed my teeth."