Your so-called biological age can reveal a lot about your longevity. Here's what the term means and what you need to do to slow down time.
Government-backed schools out to "civilize" children taken from their parents subjected them to punishment and forced labor.
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The Biggest Issue Queer Teens Are Facing
Four laws enacted this year amount to “a cocktail of voter suppression measures that land heavily on the young,” one lawsuit accuses.
The bipartisan bill would create an apprenticeship program for truck drivers under the age of 21.
The legislation both a near-unanimous vote in both chambers, making the state one step away from banning the practice that contributes to false confessions.
The 51-year-old actor pretended to be 26 to urge young people to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Young Life, an evangelical ministry, purposefully hides its anti-LGBTQ theology and turns queer people away after they're already invested in the program, activists say.
Americans ages 18 to 29 are less confident in their political knowledge than those who are older, a new poll finds, and more likely to think it's a reason not to vote.