Kristel Candelario of Cleveland allegedly left her 16-month-old at home while she went on vacation.
Terence Greene, 57, a former school dance teacher, was sentenced Thursday to life in prison for raping six teenage students and sexually abusing two others.
The Cleveland area store would be the outdoor retailer’s third to unionize in the past year.
In a video announcement, the team formerly known as the Cleveland Indians announced its new name, the Guardians.
The 1.3-acre property includes five buildings, a popular museum and a gift shop.
Jacob Runyan, 42, and Chase Cominsky, 35, are accused of stuffing five walleye with lead weights and fish fillets during a lucrative fishing tournament on Lake Erie.
The QB has been accused by two dozen women of sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions.
Former Cleveland officer Timothy Loehmann was named the lone cop in a borough of roughly 700 people.
Brown’s second consecutive victory over former state Sen. Nina Turner was widely anticipated.
Turner, a former Ohio state senator, lost a contentious primary to Rep. Shontel Brown in August.