Isolation is exacerbating symptoms for people with anxiety, depression and PTSD.
New research says many women struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD months down the road.
I have, and live with, an illness that society still struggles to understand.
EMTs and paramedics experience PTSD and depression at higher rates than the general population. Experts say it's up to employers to get them help.
Kate Middleton's brother has spoken candidly about how his dogs have helped him cope with depression.
When Matt disappeared, my own life suddenly became public and seemed to be solely defined by this tragedy.
It's important that real stories like mine are told to help others empathize with survivors of suicide loss.
The 17-year-old pop phenom opened up about her mental health struggles in an interview with Rolling Stone.
"I was depressed," the Sports Illustrated model wrote. "I had no appetite, was drinking way too much, smoking, couldn’t sleep."
In a world of professional players and perfect wives, there can be no bad days.