Heart Disease

A new study shows that drinking may increase women's risk for this potentially fatal condition.
The "Terminator" star is recovering after getting a pacemaker and couldn't help but compare his new ticker to the robotic one from his most famous franchise.
Don't dismiss this issue, especially if you feel like something is off.
Research links the two issues, but there's something you should know before you panic.
Don't give up on these goals, even if you get distracted from time to time — every little bit counts.
“It’s a precious gift to know that my baby’s still alive,” Denise Bargo said during the emotional meeting.
Lawrence Faucette, 58, died nearly six weeks after receiving only the second-ever heart transplant from a pig.
The family of Sarah Katz, who had a heart condition, has filed a lawsuit accusing the chain of failing to warn customers about the high caffeine and sugar content.
"I can’t articulate what it was like to lose my mother like that, after being diagnosed with the same disease. I just know the fear of meeting that same fate was something I carried since that hot July day."