Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez, 29, was last seen dropping off her daughter with a babysitter. Her body has never been found.
“We only wanted to do good business and support a fellow Black business owner,” said one woman who alleges she invested $20,000 and then lost it.
The Texas city, known for its hot and humid summers with no sea breeze, beat out Miami, Jacksonville and Salt Lake City for the honors.
Tierra Young Allen from Houston had been stranded since April.
A Texas couple has been jailed on aggravated kidnapping charges.
It has been one year since Roderick Brooks was killed by a deputy in Texas, but his family still has no answers.
A spokesperson for GoFundMe said the platform has “zero tolerance” for abuse and has banned the beneficiary from creating any future fundraisers.
Rudy Farias was 17 when last seen walking his dogs in March 2015.
Ten people were killed and thousands were injured in a crowd surge at the rapper's signature music festival in Houston in 2021.
LGBTQ+ revelers and allies are partying coast to coast, while being mindful of the growing conservative movement against the queer community.