The new couple stepped out for the first time with his three kids from his marriage to Jennifer Garner.
As wedding season approaches, couples across the country have had to cancel their nuptial plans, putting their entire lives on hold.
The coronavirus pandemic is putting everything in perspective — including couples' wedding vows.
The singer said on the couple's new Facebook Watch show that he had "a lot" to work on in their relationship.
"Marriage is an equal partnership where my wife always asks for my opinion before disregarding it and doing it her way."
The former "Clueless" star and ex-Fox News commentator called it "the right path" for her and husband Jeffrey Marty.
"Never underestimate how many times your husband can do the exact same thing wrong."
"My husband told me I’d been selfish with my career ... that he used to trust me with our finances and now needed space. I started crying, terrified, knowing it was true."
"Had to fake an injury to get out of doing some of these chores I’ve been telling my wife I would do as soon as I had the time."
"I told my wife the grocery store didn’t have something she asked me to get and, for the first time ever, she believed me."