2020 Election

A woman has accused the former vice president of assaulting her in 1993. But you wouldn't know it from watching his interviews on TV this week.
The primary was originally set for April 28, but will now happen on June 23 because of the coronavirus crisis.
New Hampshire Republican Donald Bolduc went on a radio show and said he wouldn't ask people for money. But right beforehand, he sent out an email doing just that.
The president's approval rating has ticked up during the crisis, but the eventual results will be immune to spin.
Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is threatening to take legal action against TV stations airing an ad critical of the president’s response to the coronavirus crisis.
Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign guaranteed staff members that they'd have jobs through November, according to a class-action lawsuit.
His team is still working to get a "virtual" campaign off the ground.
His loyal supporters wanted someone to break things and knock over tables – and if thousands more wind up dying because of Trump, well, that’s how it goes.
The decision is a major reversal for the billionaire who promised to spend “whatever it takes” to beat Donald Trump.
"I’m excited to help him defeat Donald Trump in November," the former Democratic candidate said.
The congresswoman from Hawaii has offered her “full support” to the former vice president.
They worry the growing coronavirus pandemic will disenfranchise voters and depress turnout.
“In the immediate term, however, he is focused on the government response to the coronavirus outbreak," his campaign manager said.
Arizona, Florida and Illinois hold votes despite advisories about social distancing due to the coronavirus. Ohio's primary was postponed.
The DNC rules still say a state can't hold their primaries after June 9 without facing a delegate penalty. Will the coronavirus outbreak change that?
Several polling sites were relocated or shut down as Illinois conducted its vote amid the pandemic.
Advocacy groups are pushing to enable voters to cast a mailed-in absentee ballot without an excuse.
The directive essentially overrides a judge's ruling that blocked Gov. Mike DeWine's request to postpone the primary election until June 2.
The former vice president said he would pick a woman as his running mate if he secures the Democratic nomination to challenge President Donald Trump.
The two Democratic presidential contenders agreed on short-term measures to address the COVID-19 outbreak, but disagreed about plenty of other things.