2020 Election

The president's daughter, of course, has no training or background as a scientific expert.
The former president stumped for Joe Biden in Florida, which is anyone's game as the 2020 election draws to an end.
The same brown-haired woman appears in political attack ads in Maine, Kansas and Iowa.
Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 17 points with voters over 65. But his margin is only half of that against Joe Biden, according to recent polls.
If Biden becomes president, he’s going to start making choices ― and some part of his sprawling coalition will likely be disappointed.
President Donald Trump has been chipping away at LGBTQ rights throughout his tenure.
Disinformation is still a major threat to democracy as it continues to be a common tactic within American politics.
The multi-faith group called on public officials to commit to a peaceful transition of power or continuation of leadership based on legitimate election results.
Please enjoy this video of Lady Gaga voting in sparkly pink platform moon boots.
Whether you have to vote at a specific neighborhood precinct depends on your state.