2020 Election

The White House was quick to call out a Fox News reporter whose report lacked some important context.
The former president can’t seem to help himself when it comes to constantly retelling a story about so-called golden showers.
Joy Reid slammed the former White House adviser as a “white nationalist Dracula” while discussing Donald Trump-era immigration policy.
Jenna Ellis told investigators a senior White House aide insisted to her that Trump was just going to “stay in power” despite losing the 2020 election.
The White House slammed Scalise for spreading a "dangerous conspiracy theory" about the 2020 election.
In 2023’s Moore v. Harper, the court rejected the independent state legislature theory that Johnson used to try to justify voting to steal the 2020 election.
"It’s like watching the neighborhood Rottweiler who’s always terrorizing the mailman suddenly mope around in a cone," joked the "Late Night" comedian.
Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder says he is ending his 2024 Republican campaign for president.
The former White House chief of staff "could speak to Trump’s mindset in a very specific way," the New York Times reporter said.
The former president managed to deny dozens of felony indictments, offer a spelling lesson and compare himself to a Nobel Peace Prize winner all during one campaign stop.