2024 Elections

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig suggested what to watch out for during the former president's hush money trial.
Stephanie Grisham also recalled a telling telephone call the former president made about his wife.
It's "kind of going to be the whole ball game," said Elie Mystal.
The “Star Wars” icon focused on one particular moment.
George Stephanopoulos pressed the New Hampshire governor, once a staunch Trump critic, about his past comments on the former president.
While Donald Trump has said he's eager to debate Joe Biden, the president has seemed skeptical about a one-on-one showdown with his competitor.
"We don't need it any longer because we broke Roe v. Wade,” Trump said. “The states are working very brilliantly. It's working the way it's supposed to.”
"If he asks me, of course I would think seriously about it," the Ohio senator told Fox News.
The “Late Night” comedian suggested “a good rule for life” after the segment on the conservative network “took a very bizarre turn.”
Ruth Ben-Ghiat broke down the former president’s effective “manipulation of emotion.”