The ban will take effect in 30 days, after the state's Supreme Court ruled that a crucial clause in the state constitution does not extend to reproductive rights.
U.S. District Judge David Lawson said the city failed to comply with a court order that spelled out the steps it needed to take to finish replacing old lead pipes.
The law banning gender-affirming health care for Idaho’s minors was set to go into effect in a matter of days.
Ohio places restrictions on who can legally provide assistance to disabled people when voting by mail or drop box.
The law -- which would allow police to arrest people they suspect crossed the border illegally -- is set to go into effect in March, if the courts don't block it.
The decision preemptively blocks resumption of a Trump-era policy that the former president hasn’t ruled out if voters return him to the White House next year.
Florida’s ban on pro-Palestinian campus groups is a clear violation of free speech, the federal suit states.
Tennessee’s first-in-the-nation law placing strict limits on drag shows is facing another legal challenge.
The law would have allowed criminal charges against librarians and booksellers for providing “harmful” materials to minors.
The state's Republican governor said she would sign the bill on Friday.