Al Qaeda

The Guardian said it pulled Bin Laden's "letter to the American people" after it began circulating without "context" on TikTok.
The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund accepted a 1 million pound ($1.2 million) donation from relatives of Osama bin Laden, a newspaper reported.
The president was warned about the risk of terrorist attacks, but we weren’t. Not about the 9/11 attacks, the wars or the scar they’ve left on our world.
Weeks before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, ex-President Donald Trump said the terrorist behind the 2001 attacks wasn't as bad as the "monsters" he took out.
"Did you see how the Taliban rolled through the streets and took back their county [sic]?" Robert O'Neill tweeted Thursday.
Saifullah Paracha was reportedly cleared for release by the prisoner review board along with two other men.
"For some very sick reason, you are very obsessed with this portion of that major historical event," responded the former first lady.
“You don’t actually have to commit the violence yourself, but if you call others to violence, that itself is a crime," said the California Democrat.
Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani was killed by a sheriff’s deputy during the Dec. 6 rampage at Pensacola Naval Air Station.
Pete Souza hinted at what was happening at the precise moment he took “The Situation Room Photograph” in a 21-minute video explainer on Instagram.