A concerned citizen called for a welfare check after seeing Trista Fullerton "displaying bizarre behavior," police said.
The Arkansas governor, who once served as Trump's press secretary, was criticized by the ACLU and LGBTQ+ advocates for the move.
Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) allegedly tried to cover up the purchase of a fancy $19,000 lectern with public money.
Inmates in the Washington County, Arkansas, jail filed suit in 2021, alleging they'd been given ivermectin under false pretenses.
The purchase of the lectern is undergoing scrutiny and prompting claims that records about it have been altered.
The Arkansas governor claimed the legislation, which replaces a similar ban that recently expired, aims to defend citizens’ “individual liberty.”
The state's Education Department recently announced that the course wouldn't count for credit toward high school graduation.
The state’s Department of Education called the Advanced Placement class “indoctrination.”
Tina Hight accused Deputy Brian Williams of striking her, and not the Pomeranian he was aiming at, in the August 2022 incident.
The Arkansas family was leaving a hotel to go to a basketball tournament when Texas police wrongly suspected that their car was stolen last month.