Bob Menendez

The indicted lawmaker faces a bribery trial in May.
The latest version of the indictment against the Democrat in Manhattan federal court did not identify the member of the Qatari royal family.
The Pennsylvania Democrat taunted his indicted colleague with some (paid) help from the newly expelled congressman from New York.
Tammy Murphy, who has led a maternal mortality initiative, has both serious advantages and weaknesses as a candidate.
Sen. Bob Menendez is returning to federal court to enter a not guilty plea to a conspiracy charge alleging he acted as an agent of the Egyptian government.
Meanwhile, Trump continues to dominate the GOP cash race.
Previously under indictment for bribery, the embattled New Jersey Democrat is now accused of illegally acting as an agent of a foreign government.
Halal certification is a complicated, sacred process — and for years, people have raised concerns about Wael Hana’s rapid success in the industry.
The former senator highlighted the dramatically different reactions from each party to criminal charges against Donald Trump and Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.
Maybe for U.S. senators, it is totally normal to have $100,000 worth of gold bars lying around the house. We asked them.