Screen Actors Guild president Fran Drescher gave an impassioned speech after it was announced that actors would go on strike over unfair business practices in the TV and movie industry.
Addressing all the damage is going to take more than money — it’s going to take new laws and a deeper understanding of how our climate crisis came to fruition.
This term is resonating with a lot of people right now.
Nebraska took the most aggressive action anywhere in the country, ending the emergency benefits four months into the pandemic in July 2020.
While Americans struggled with skyrocketing unemployment, the giant online retailer reaped in record earnings.
HuffPost investigates the perpetual, bland suburban aesthetic of Lifetime, Hallmark and Netflix holiday movies.
"There should be no dominant nation on this planet," the storied broadcaster said.
Nemonte Nenquimo, lauded by Leonardo DiCaprio for her work protecting Ecuador's Amazon, speaks about her life, activism and motherhood.
Two novels, murder mystery "The Herd" and biting satire "Self Care," investigate the smoldering wreckage of the hope for a utopian feminist startup.