Clarence Thomas

Thomas spoke at a conference attended by judges, attorneys and court personnel in the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference, which hears federal cases from Alabama, Florida and Georgia.
The Supreme Court justice has been all the things he claims to hate: a welfare queen, a duplicitous double agent, a diversity hire, a beneficiary of reparations, and a minstrel show.
Thomas, 75, also was not participating remotely in arguments, as justices sometimes do when they are ill or otherwise can't be there in person.
"The Daily Show" correspondent has some blunt advice for anyone trying to buy access to power.
The court’s two most conservative justices signaled their belief that abortion could be effectively banned across the country via the 1873 Comstock Act.
During Koch-funded trips to mountain resorts, Trump judges huddled over a new strategy to advance “history and tradition” as the law of the land.
The "Last Week Tonight" host can't believe his offer to Thomas is legal: "It really feels like it shouldn't be."
“But I have to get up the next morning and keep on fighting," the Supreme Court justice told a group of students.
Virginia Thomas, the conservative justice's wife, has worked to keep Trump in office.
“When you do something that benefits your family financially and you’re a public official,” the Ohio congressman said, “that’s not supposed to happen.”