A state judge has ordered a new Democratic mayoral primary in Connecticut’s largest city to be held after the Nov. 7 general election is completed.
Vibrio vulnificus can be contracted by swimming with an open wound in warm, brackish water or by eating undercooked shellfish.
“It’s been years in planning just taking notes, names and locations,” Dennis Hernandez allegedly told his ex-girlfriend.
Andrey Desmond, 30, is facing numerous charges for allegedly assaulting Connecticut state Rep. Maryam Khan at a service celebrating the Eid al-Adha holiday on Wednesday.
Police said that a 30-year-old man was arrested after the incident, which occurred at an event marking the Islamic holiday.
The measure comes as mass killings occur at a record pace in the United States.
A baker finally got the bear to leave by honking a car horn.
The Green Mountain State is the first one in the U.S. to change its medically assisted suicide law to allow terminally ill people from out of state to take advantage of it.
The boy's family has sued the town of West Hartford and its board of education, alleging wrongful death in last year's schoolyard incident.
The bill comes after Arkansas banned government officials from using Latinx on formal documents last month.