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The FLiRT variants are currently the dominant COVID-19 strains in the United States.
Zhang Yongzhen, who released the data without state approval, stages protest after being evicted.
The Colorado couple misspent nearly $900,000 in pandemic relief funds on vacations, cosmetic surgery, jewelry and other personal expenses, authorities allege.
Hollywood's favorite colorful KN95 and surgical masks are 80% off while supplies last.
The death rate also declined between 2021 and 2022, and COVID-19-related fatalities sharply dropped.
The president’s campaign breaks out a few reminders from four years ago.
The RNC co-chair seemed to forget one key thing with her claim about life under Donald Trump.
2020 feels both like yesterday and 100 years ago for a reason.
Researchers in Germany said they were surprised by their findings, which have been published.