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It's not COVID or the flu. If you've been sick for a few weeks and have tested negative for everything, here's what's going on.
Fauci told the BBC seeing his face plastered around town during the pandemic was far more bizarre than it was flattering.
"Somewhere along the way, a universal shift occurred and most of us, me included, forgot how to be with people and experience life outside of a screen."
Earlier this week, the Biden administration announced Americans can now order a number of free at-home COVID tests online.
The Fox Business host may have outdone herself with this COVID conspiracy theory.
Americans can order four free COVID-19 tests again online.
Patrick Parker Walsh is one of thousands of thieves who perpetrated the greatest grift in U.S. history — potentially plundering more than $280 billion in federal COVID-19 aid.
Symptoms have shifted since the beginning of the pandemic. Keep an eye out for these signs of an infection.
While initially attributed to the high-profile Delta Air Lines incident in 2023, interest in this most unpleasant of symptoms has been rising for many years.
A cruise operator that failed to cancel a voyage from Sydney that led to a COVID-19 outbreak has been ruled negligent in an Australian class-action case.