The high court ruling that the “wrongful death of a minor” law could be applied to an embryo created through in vitro fertilization is another extremist strategy in the criminalization of pregnant people.
Republicans expelled two Democratic House members who participated in a gun control protest on the House floor.
Banning the social media platform could have a huge impact on the 2024 election season.
The new far-right government is attempting a legal overhaul many see as a death knell for Israeli democracy. Will it matter for Israel’s global-minded tech industry?
An election this fall will determine whether the crucial U.S. ally remains democratic or slides into autocracy, risking instability and more chaos in Europe.
Democracies don’t die in darkness. They crumble, then fade, in broad daylight, with the tacit support of the people.
Donald Trump walked so DeSantis could run. Now the country will likely have to deal with a more calculated, cunning and dangerous candidate.
Republicans were once the party of fiscally responsible conservatives who prided themselves on being Christians. Now the party has become a group of Karens demanding to speak to a manager.
The entire Trump presidency was rooted in lies, and those lies have added to the persistent chipping away at democracy.