Fox and Friends

The House Oversight Committee chairman was displeased that "one guy" at Fox News challenges flaws in his impeachment investigation.
The co-host played buzzkill as the Fox News crew hyped up the GOP's pursuit of the president.
"Such a weird thing to say," Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt said of the president's birthday joke.
Fox News host Steve Doocy gave a remarkably frank analysis about Republican candidates running where reproductive rights are a hot topic.
Kayleigh McEnany and Ainsley Earhardt served up an awkward slice of piety in promoting an interview with the new speaker of the House.
"You can yell at me about it," Rep. Mike Lawler said, adding that Republicans need to compromise or "we're not going to be able to govern."
The "Fox & Friends" host got his colleagues to chuckle at his scathing insult of GOP lawmakers.
Lawrence Jones will join co-hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade on the morning program.
The customer surprised Fox News' Ainsley Earhardt by calling out the person she feels is responsible for the teasing of the president.
The "Fox & Friends" host insisted Trump's absence from the GOP debates may be helpful for Biden.