Fox News

“Would President Biden ever try to get out of a meeting by pulling a fire alarm?” the Fox News correspondent asked the White House press secretary.
The California governor ripped the network as a "24/7 doom loop."
The Fox News host pressed the Florida governor as she questioned his "path to victory" in 2024.
Joe Concha doubled down on criticizing the singer, whom he previously called "trash," for her behavior at a Kansas City Chiefs game.
The Fox News host speaks out as the singer faces intense criticism in right-wing circles.
"You would think you would bring your A-game," said Neil Cavuto.
The Fox News host had a baffling take on Thursday's proceedings.
The much-indicted ex-president gave Raheem Kassam a host-by-host Fox critique before copping to how much he watches.
Melber argued conservative media personalities look "very, very out of touch" in response to Swift cheering for Travis Kelce at a game on Sunday.
While the Univision and Fox Business hosts challenged right-wing dogma, DeSantis and the rest found ways to work around unorthodox questions.