Fox News

A chyron on Fox News hits a little too close to home for its star host.
It's an "apt and effective visual metaphor" of what the Fox News personality has become, said The New Republic's editor Michael Tomasky.
Stephen Colbert poked fun at Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s obsession over Nicki Minaj’s debunked claim about her cousin’s friend who supposedly had swollen testicles after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.
Fox News of course doesn't preach what its company practices in the office.
The Fox News personality also issued a correction on his prime-time show's previous reporting on the rapper's unsubstantiated COVID-19 vaccine claim.
The former GOP Arkansas governor was assailed after his comments about Popeye and the president on Fox News.
“I mean, I lie if I’m really cornered or something,” Carlson told conservative talk show host Dave Rubin.
Bill Hemmer recounted the incident to co-host Dana Perino while discussing New York City's COVID-19 vaccine policies.
“He does look good!” Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy praised Kim Jong Un’s slimmer figure at a recent military parade.
"He does look good!" gushed Rachel Campos-Duffy. "He looks better than our president!"