Fox News

Podcasters Tim Pool and Steven Crowder and Infowars host Owen Shroyer are listed as defendants, among others.
The CNN anchor said the Fox News personality got “one thing” right about the fallout from Arizona’s abortion ruling.
Jessica Tarlov called it "complete insanity" to describe President Joe Biden as a "threat to democracy."
Reporter Jacqui Heinrich took issue with Biden's strong language, and the press secretary firmly responded.
Mark Simone's callous hot take drew backlash online.
The Fox News host's defense of the former president sounded like a warning, even though it wasn't intended that way.
"The Late Show" host mocks a strange new clip posted by the ex-president.
Democrat-turned-Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew elicited a damning response from anchor Arthel Neville.
"The Daily Show" host tore into Fox News and Marjorie Taylor Greene over some truly bonkers claims.
Howard Kurtz hit Karoline Leavitt with a question about the former president likening himself to the late South African leader.