Surging olive oil prices, driven in part by two years of drought in Spain, has meant opportunity for criminals across the Mediterranean.
Europe's summer was marked by record temperatures and climate disasters, including historic floods and wildfires.
Flooding triggered by severe rainstorms also hit neighboring Bulgaria and Turkey, leaving a total of 15 people dead in the three countries.
Officials said they were examining the possibility that the casualties were migrants who had entered the country from the nearby border with Turkey.
Authorities continue to battle blazes that have been raging for days across the country amid a return of heat wave temperatures.
The wildfire was confined to the island’s mountainous center but it spread Saturday toward the coast on the island’s central-eastern side.
New evacuations were ordered on Wednesday as wildfires raged near the Greek capital.
The victory by party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis grants him a comfortable parliamentary majority to form a government for a second four-year term.
Voters are headed to the polls again this Sunday after conservatives failed to win an outright majority in the first round, despite outperforming expectations.
A Greek news web site has published excerpts from the depositions of two survivors of Wednesday's deadly shipwreck off southwestern Greece.