Homeland Security

"Perhaps he does not know that I am the child of a Holocaust survivor," Alejandro Mayorkas said.
Officials also pointed to the ongoing scourge of illicit drugs, mainly fentanyl, as a danger to Americans.
The agency is partnering with the National Indian Gaming Commission to train workers to detect and report the crime, which heavily impacts Native women.
Rep. Mark Green, chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, was reportedly furious after the Georgia Republican's outburst.
A measure reminiscent of a Trump-era ban would make it harder for migrants to seek asylum in the U.S.
Rep. Michael McCaul said he thinks Greene has "matured" and "realizes she doesn’t know everything." In the meantime, she'll be making security decisions.
During a 2016 tea party meeting, Mark Green told an audience that he didn’t want public school students in Tennessee to learn about the Islamic faith.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials under then-President Donald Trump compiled intelligence dossiers on people who were arrested at Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, Oregon.
Joseph Cuffari's office has launched a criminal probe into the missing texts related to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.
The CNN host took the former president's Cabinet official to task for dancing around the election results nearly two years later.