Iowa Caucus

Neil Cavuto pushed back on the GOP presidential candidate over his talk about the state's caucuses.
The senator said he has "a hard time understanding" why Trump's legal issues don't "seem to be moving the needle" with more voters.
The Florida governor insists he has a path ahead in the race, but news from his political orbit since the first nominating contest suggests otherwise.
The "Morning Joe" host said Trump's margin of victory was bad news for the Republican front-runner.
Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker found that Democrats were in a "pretty good place" following the former president's victory in the caucuses.
Following Trump's win at the Iowa caucuses, the MSNBC anchor aimed to burst his supporters' bubble with analysis of a new poll.
Donald Trump’s challengers will only get so many chances to knock the de facto leader of the GOP off his pedestal, and they whiffed on a big one Monday.
The former president told another whopper after winning the Republican caucuses.
DeSantis was supposed to be the next coming of Trump, a fighter without the baggage — and millions to burn in Iowa. So what went wrong?
The former president faces a total of 91 felony charges in four separate indictments, but still maintains a hold over Republican primary voters.