The decision, which will take effect on Nov. 30, marks a major accomplishment for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Police said they had arrested two suspects in connection with the theft.
President Joe Biden raised “hard issues” in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York.
The dustup over Isaiah Martin's website reflects tension within the party over how to respond to pro-Israel groups' big spending.
The Israeli prime minister's comments came a day after bloody protests by rival groups of Eritreans in south Tel Aviv left dozens of people injured.
Here's a look at what the overhaul is — and why it has drawn the most sustained and intense demonstrations the country has ever seen.
Israeli lawmakers have approved a key portion of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s divisive plan to reshape the country’s justice system.
Tens of thousands of protesters have marched on the main highway into Jerusalem in an attempt to block Netanyahu’s contentious judicial overhaul plan.
The GOP hold on $75 million for the Gaza Strip reflects the U.S.'s frozen approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace.
House Republicans use the "racist country" resolution to gin up controversy even though the outcome of vote was never in doubt.