Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The chef said that while the World Central Kitchen attack was devastating, it should not have taken six foreigners' deaths for the world to care about Gaza.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said an "unintended strike" killed the World Central Kitchen aid workers.
The "Saturday Night Live" host addressed Israel's ongoing war in Gaza on the NBC comedy sketch show.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a planned visit to Washington by a high-level delegation following the United Nations Security Council vote.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright defended Glazer, a fellow Jew, from those conflating his criticism of Israel at the Oscars with antisemitism.
A Tuesday diplomatic cable from Ambassador Jack Lew could help sustain President Joe Biden's support for Israel's Gaza offensive.
Al Jazeera correspondent Ismail al-Ghoul recalled his arrest by Israeli forces while covering the attack inside Gaza's largest hospital.
With just days until the state holds its primary election, dozens of frustrated groups sent a letter rejecting the Biden administration's attempt to meet.
The director of the Holocaust-set film was virtually the only award winner Sunday to directly acknowledge the war in Gaza onstage.
Billie Eilish, Ramy Youssef and others donned a small red pin to support the cause at the Oscars.