John Boehner

Michael Steele called out Jordan's insincere plea after the Ohio Republican's bid for speaker came up short.
The former Senate Majority Leader died on Tuesday after a years-long battle with pancreatic cancer.
The "Late Night" host also had some scathing advice for former GOP House Speaker John Boehner and his memoir.
“I thought that his policies, by and large, mirrored the policies that I believed in,” the former House speaker said.
The former House speaker didn't mince words when it came to one current politician.
The former House speaker said the president is a "good guy" who is just trying to “hold his party together” while the progressive and moderate factions battle.
The former Republican House Speaker blamed lawmakers from his own party for helping to ignite the deadly Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6.
In an excerpt from his new memoir, John Boehner detailed how Donald Trump flipped out at a golf fundraiser.
“This was real anger," the former GOP House speaker recalls in his upcoming memoir. "We had no idea then what that anger would do to our country."
“I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared for what came after the election," the former House speaker writes in his new memoir.