A self-described New Dealer whom many credit with introducing "neoliberalism" had his biggest influence through the journalists he first hired at The Washington Monthly.
At least 12 journalists were killed in the past eight days while covering the ongoing conflict, bringing the total to 36 media worker deaths since Oct. 7.
The Emmy-winning TV journalist, famed for his work rooting out corruption and wrongdoing, retired last year after a 50-year career.
The media company's CEO said the Post is offering voluntary buyouts in the hopes of avoiding potential layoffs.
The AI website’s algorithm judged multiple opinion pieces from a white nationalist site to have “very high” reliability, among other concerning grades.
Instead of photos, the front page featured text messages sent by UNC students as the shooting was taking place, such as “Are you safe?” and “Where are you?”
A small central Kansas town now finds itself at the center of a debate over press freedoms.
Twitter users felt the station unfairly criminalized a group of kids who were just trying to keep cool at a time when several city pools remain closed.
The former CNN anchor said he's "not rushing into anything" following his abrupt exit from the network after 17 years.
The legislation would require big tech companies to pay a “journalism usage fee.”