Latin America

The U.S. Geological Survey reported an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 in Ecuador's coastal Guayas region.
The State Department is imploring Americans to review potential threats before making travel plans, while Texas officials urge forgoing travel to Mexico entirely.
Blooms of foul-smelling, health-threatening sargassum have been getting bigger and more damaging.
Authorities called the incident one of the deadliest human smuggling operations ever in the U.S.
A letter claiming to be from the Mexican drug cartel blamed for abducting four Americans and killing two of them condemns the violence.
The Americans were caught in a drug cartel shootout shortly after crossing the Mexican border Friday, officials said.
Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) appears to be the only House Republican wishing we had launched a military attack on a longtime U.S. ally.
Tamaulipas Gov. Américo Villarreal said that one of the surviving U.S. citizens was wounded and the other was not.
A minivan carrying the U.S. citizens was shot at shortly after crossing from Texas into the Mexico border city of Matamoros, the FBI said Sunday.
Police say suspects left a threatening message for soccer superstar Lionel Messi and opened fire at a business owned by his in-laws in Argentina’s third-largest city.