Latin America

The felines have long wandered the gardens and elegant halls of the National Palace in Mexico City.
Police broke into the Mexican Embassy to arrest a former Ecuadorian vice president who had sought political asylum.
“It wasn't me,” the suspect yells as he leads the horse and police officer into the street, stopping traffic.
The governments of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras confirmed that their citizens were among the missing.
Brazil’s federal police arrested on Sunday the men suspected of ordering the killing of Rio de Janeiro councilwoman Marielle Franco in 2018.
It's the first indictment for the embattled far-right leader with others potentially in store.
The former Brazilian president allegedly harassed a humpback whale while riding a personal watercraft off Sao Paulo’s coast.
The opposition-led demonstrations called for free and fair elections, just days after presidential frontrunner Claudia Sheinbaum announced her candidacy.
The 15-year-old suspect is accused of shooting a Brazilian tourist in the leg inside a sporting goods store. He then fired at police as he ran away.
Sebastián Piñera, the two-time former president of Chile, was 74.