The man was believed to be angry about losing custody of his children.
The state's first Black governor backed a candidate who could become one of the few Black women ever elected to the U.S. Senate.
Pedro Argote is accused of fatally shooting Washington County Judge Andrew Wilkinson after Wilkinson ruled against him in a child custody hearing.
Circuit Court Judge Andrew Wilkinson recently made a ruling in a child custody case involving the suspected gunman, authorities said.
After a monthlong search for Maryland educator Mariame Toure Sylla, her body was identified Friday.
The now-viral video shows the uniformed officer appearing to kiss the woman before they both enter the backseat of his police cruiser.
Authorities said DNA collected at the scene of Maryland mom Rachel Morin’s killing matched that of an unidentified suspect in a girl's assault during an LA burglary.
Authorities said they believe Rachel Morin was murdered in what may have been a “random” act.
Raskin would’ve been the leading progressive candidate in a crowded field.
Retired Laurel Police Chief David Crawford targeted former police colleagues and others he had disputes with, setting their homes on fire as they slept inside, authorities said.