Mike Lee

The Utah Republican had amplified a false claim that a Trump supporter at the U.S. Capitol riot was actually an undercover government agent.
Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) suggested that federal agents disguised themselves as Trump supporters on Jan. 6.
Winning would put Becky Edwards on a glide path to becoming the only Republican in the House who says she didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2020.
The man who vowed to pull Social Security "up from the roots" acts aghast when Biden says Republicans are working toward jettisoning the vital program.
The Senate minority leader previously said he had no hard feelings toward the men, but his actions said otherwise.
The Senate minority leader also ousted Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), who had supported Scott's bid for the chamber's GOP leadership last year.
The text was regarding a voicemail apparently meant for GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville as part of Giuliani’s attempt to sway Republican Senators into blocking the Electoral College votes.
Evan McMullin put together a coalition including independents, Democrats and even some Republicans, but could not overcome Lee’s advantages.
The once ‘Never Trump’ Utah senator quickly came around, even comparing the former president to a Mormon hero, and is now in danger of losing his seat.
The Fox News host's claim about Social Security sent Twitter to the tape.