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One of the Florida governor’s most unsettling habits reemerged during a TV interview.
“It’s personal. It’s real,” Martin Fletcher, a former Tel Aviv bureau chief, said during the heartbreaking segment.
Jim Trusty also explained the federal charges facing the former president.
The South Carolina Republican launched a committee to explore a 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday.
A recent NBC News interview with Fetterman put heavy focus on his use of closed captions.
Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb will be among the readers of “Murder in Studio One,” which will be read before an audience on April 27 and released later on a podcast.
The NBC News program discussed a rise in anti-Asian violence — without a single contributing Asian American voice.
Fox News cut off a trial manager, as he was providing video evidence giving an inside look at the violence at the Capitol during Trump's impeachment trial.
"Thanks for all that I have learned from you," Brokaw said in his farewell to "Nightly News" in 2004. "That's been my richest reward."
Investigators are looking into possible mysterious foreign bitcoin payments to key extremist figures, NBC reported.