Neil Gorsuch

A case involving herring gave the court a chance to debate Chevron, a landmark decision on the power of federal agencies.
The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia said the justices will both be spokesmen for civics education and civility in politics.
A praying football coach was said to offer a “deceitful narrative” that Supreme Court conservatives were nonetheless happy to accept.
The 8-1 decision doesn't end the more than three-year dispute over the voter ID law, which is not currently in effect and has been challenged in both state and federal court.
The top Democrats excoriated conservative justices who they say have "ripped up the Constitution" and who are "in no way accountable to the American people."
Much like Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, today’s Trump-infused style of conservatism also refuses to wear a mask.
Last week's COVID-19 vaccine ruling probably won't be the last time the Supreme Court blocks federal agencies from protecting public health or safety.
An NPR report claimed Neil Gorsuch won't wear a mask on the Supreme Court bench despite Sonia Sotomayor's preexisting condition.
A bad look for a justice who claims to champion civility in politics.
Eight justices are getting back to work Monday at a most unusual, politically fraught moment in American history.