Ben Brody, 22, said he was forced to leave his home after Musk falsely accused him of being a federal agent pretending to be a neo-Nazi.
Twitter’s billionaire owner also defended his attacks on investor and Jewish Holocaust survivor George Soros, calling himself a “pro-Semite, if anything.”
The patch advertised a longtime catchphrase popular with the Proud Boys and neo-Nazis.
Her propaganda canonized white supremacist murderers as "saints." She may have helped inspire a shooting at a gay bar. Now she's been unmasked.
A Telegram group called Dissident Homeschool has been a resource for neo-Nazis who want to teach their kids hate at home. Now its administrators have been unmasked.
"Amazon should not be using its business model to market hateful symbols and neo-Nazi paraphernalia,” said a representative of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
HuffPost Senior Editor Andy Campbell explains why despite hundreds of prosecutions & arrests, after two years the spirit of the January 6th, 2021 Capitol riot is still very much alive.
Andrew Anglin, who returned to the platform this week, had lost a multimillion-dollar libel case over fake tweets that could have endangered Obeidallah's life.
Andrew Anglin spent his first day back on Twitter defending Ye's antisemitic rants.
Apparent supporters of Ron DeSantis (R) were photographed waving swastikas outside an event he was attending. The Florida governor has yet to condemn the foul display.