New Jersey

A last-minute rule change that would have helped Tammy Murphy got Rep. Andy Kim's supporters in a lather.
David C. Shroitman of New Jersey, who is accused of killing Maryrose Fealey, his 27-year-old ex-high school classmate, reportedly had a “step-by-step” plan.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has continued a program to send migrants to Democratic cities despite sharp criticism from human rights groups.
Philadelphia's WPVI-TV said a pilot and a photographer were killed when the helicopter went down while returning from an assignment at the Jersey Shore.
The 800-pound steer is on the right track thanks to a local animal rescue.
The bull appeared out of nowhere around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday and was caught by noon.
Tammy Murphy, who has led a maternal mortality initiative, has both serious advantages and weaknesses as a candidate.
“I just couldn’t believe it,” the New Jersey man said of the wild incident.
Gregory Yetman is in police custody following a two-day search.
A company executive testified that the "premium" would’ve padded the former president's net worth by nearly $145 million.