Obama Family

The GOP senator said there is a "very significant" chance of Dems making the switch to this candidate next summer.
The former first lady spoke on the 50th anniversary of equal prize money at the U.S. Open, honoring tennis legend and equal pay advocate Billie Jean King.
The far-right commentator said the former first lady and other supporters of affirmative action lacked the "brain processing power" to succeed on their own.
Some love the fact that the "Swarm" writer has the most patriotic birthday possible 🇺🇸
The former first lady and president said the now-struck policy had “allowed generations of students … to prove we belonged.”
Your sports bras and leggings are about to get an executive upgrade.
Rachel Campos-Duffy didn't let the former first lady's repeated comments get in the way of her forecast.
Republican former Congressman Jason Chaffetz's claim took just seconds to dismantle.
The former first lady joined The Boss as a backup singer while he performed "Glory Days."
The former first lady shared a wise tip about marriage that young lovebirds need to hear.